Friday, April 20, 2012

Doctor Who(?)

so i mentioned this in my self description and did two posts with pictures about it. but i realized i had never talked about it. so, Doctor Who. here goes nothing.

it is a british sci-fi show about a time traveling alien in a police phone box from the 60s which is "bigger on the inside" and is actually his space ship/time machine. this is his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). the 'Doctor' is 908 years old and is a time lord from the planet Gallifrey. he is the very last as a result of the time war which was fought against the time lords and the daleks (deadly robotic things with octopus-like aliens inside controlling the body. they have had all emotions and concept of such removed to make them able to do their purpose: EXTERMINATE!). the current Doctor is the eleventh as time lords have a "way of cheating out death" by regeneration. when they die, they don't really die. instead, they get a new face, style, personality, and everything new. the Doctor tends to get lonely so he travels with a companion or two on amazing future, past, and otherwordly amazing adventures where anything and everything could happen...and it usually does! from slitheen from the planet raxacoricofallapatorious all the way to my favorite lonely assassins: the weeping angels, our comical yet serious Doctor has fought, run from, helped, saved, and seen them all.

so go ahead, call me a nerd and weird. but what's the point of being considered 'cool' by everyone else if you hate it? i am a nerd and i call myself 'cool' in the way how bowties, fezzes, stetsons, and glasses are cool.

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  1. did you read this???? do you have any idea how complicated this sounds to someone who is not a follower!!!!!????? how do you do it????