Monday, June 11, 2012

of all the cars...

so i went driving with my dad again earlier today and the parking lot we went to yesterday was full so he took me to a road close to my house (very low traffic of course). and i did really good! the parking lot was mainly for turns, starts, and stops while today, it was mainly on checking mirrors and making sure i was in a safe place in my lane. so we were driving down and we had passed a few cars going the other direction and everything was fine. then my dad tells me there's a car behind us. "Ok, there's a car behind us now but just keep going, you're doing great. Stay the speed limit and you'll be fine." he said. i looked in my rearview mirror to see how much space i had. i looked again a few seconds later and could read the word 'POLICE' on the hood of the car. needless to say, i kinda freaked for a minute! i mean, c'mon! of all the cars to be behind us, a police officer. my dad saved my by telling me to pull into a parking lot, thank you!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

lessons learned

i just got back from my first time really driving with my dad. we went to a school's empty parking lot and did "laps" around the lot and tried parking a few times. i had a lot of fun and it made me extremely happy when i realized i knew what i was doing and it was easy. parking on the other hand may take some work....

Thursday, May 31, 2012


so today is my birthday so i thought i would go ahead and do a birthday post. i cannot bring myself to believe that i am already 15 years old. so many things have changed since i was little. i start driver's ed this coming week and it scares me. the idea of driving doesn't scare me, but the prospect of growing up does. i am very aware that very soon now, everything in my life will be a blur. only big moments will stick out in my mind insted of all the little things that could only make me laugh or feel special. that's what it means to grow up. when you are young, you take the scenic route. you know, the road where you get lost on and have to find your way out again. but in your predicament, you find you have made a beautiful mistake as you look around at the beauty you never would have seen if you had kept on the main road. you also notice how strong you are, how you have pulled yourself out all on your own and somehow managed to survive. stay strong and take the harder, more beautiul road few dare to choose. you'll find it was worth the trouble.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

nerd blog

just a quick side note, if you like Doctor Who and gaming and awesome stuff, i have a nerd blog so go check it out!  (friends from school, don't. you'll only make fun of me. LET ME BE NERDY!!!)

that's why it's special.

a few months ago, earlier in the school year, i was talking to my Spanish 1 teacher. i don't remember what we were talking about but it was something i love doing but i hardly have time to do it anymore. she simply looked at me with a smile and said,
 "Well, if you got to do it a lot, you wouldn't consider it a blessing. It would just be a common, everyday thing you couldn't thank God for."
how can a small conversation before class mean so much? it's something she probably doesn't even remember but has really feuled my life and made me enjoy precious, everyday moments. entonces, gracias, senorita jackson.  tu eres mi modelo de vida.  :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

the proposal ♥

i found our play director's proposal video on youtube. enjoy the perfection of this  ☺

Friday, April 20, 2012

Doctor Who(?)

so i mentioned this in my self description and did two posts with pictures about it. but i realized i had never talked about it. so, Doctor Who. here goes nothing.

it is a british sci-fi show about a time traveling alien in a police phone box from the 60s which is "bigger on the inside" and is actually his space ship/time machine. this is his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). the 'Doctor' is 908 years old and is a time lord from the planet Gallifrey. he is the very last as a result of the time war which was fought against the time lords and the daleks (deadly robotic things with octopus-like aliens inside controlling the body. they have had all emotions and concept of such removed to make them able to do their purpose: EXTERMINATE!). the current Doctor is the eleventh as time lords have a "way of cheating out death" by regeneration. when they die, they don't really die. instead, they get a new face, style, personality, and everything new. the Doctor tends to get lonely so he travels with a companion or two on amazing future, past, and otherwordly amazing adventures where anything and everything could happen...and it usually does! from slitheen from the planet raxacoricofallapatorious all the way to my favorite lonely assassins: the weeping angels, our comical yet serious Doctor has fought, run from, helped, saved, and seen them all.

so go ahead, call me a nerd and weird. but what's the point of being considered 'cool' by everyone else if you hate it? i am a nerd and i call myself 'cool' in the way how bowties, fezzes, stetsons, and glasses are cool.