Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

this is long overdue and i am very glad i have finally found time out of my busy schedule to actually write this. over the past 3 months, our school's amazing drama director ahs been working with 68 actors, set crew, and extra helpers to put together our school's very first musical: Disney's Beauty and the Beast. our performances ran from march 29-31 and it was an amazing success. on our last performance, our director (miss clark) was proposed to on stage by her boyfriend who came up with 'Tale as Old as Time' wearing the Prince's jacket. she said yes and let us finish all of our hard work with a very beautiful big bang. personally, with being a freshman and basically making history in our school, this was an incredible opportunity i was very privelaged to be a part of. during all of our rehearsals, we made our own family we have come to know and love since january. we have also made memories we will never forget. thank you so much miss clark for letting me be a part of this experience and helping me find another thing to fall in love with this freshman year. WE LOVE YOU!


  1. Well said, my Friend!! the production was memorable for so many reasons including note worthy performances by all the actors...miss clark did such a great job of directing..YOU were very well prepared for your performance...what a wonderful memory for your freshman experience....love you..

  2. that previous comment was not exactly 'anonymous'..it was ME...