Monday, June 11, 2012

of all the cars...

so i went driving with my dad again earlier today and the parking lot we went to yesterday was full so he took me to a road close to my house (very low traffic of course). and i did really good! the parking lot was mainly for turns, starts, and stops while today, it was mainly on checking mirrors and making sure i was in a safe place in my lane. so we were driving down and we had passed a few cars going the other direction and everything was fine. then my dad tells me there's a car behind us. "Ok, there's a car behind us now but just keep going, you're doing great. Stay the speed limit and you'll be fine." he said. i looked in my rearview mirror to see how much space i had. i looked again a few seconds later and could read the word 'POLICE' on the hood of the car. needless to say, i kinda freaked for a minute! i mean, c'mon! of all the cars to be behind us, a police officer. my dad saved my by telling me to pull into a parking lot, thank you!!

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