Thursday, May 31, 2012


so today is my birthday so i thought i would go ahead and do a birthday post. i cannot bring myself to believe that i am already 15 years old. so many things have changed since i was little. i start driver's ed this coming week and it scares me. the idea of driving doesn't scare me, but the prospect of growing up does. i am very aware that very soon now, everything in my life will be a blur. only big moments will stick out in my mind insted of all the little things that could only make me laugh or feel special. that's what it means to grow up. when you are young, you take the scenic route. you know, the road where you get lost on and have to find your way out again. but in your predicament, you find you have made a beautiful mistake as you look around at the beauty you never would have seen if you had kept on the main road. you also notice how strong you are, how you have pulled yourself out all on your own and somehow managed to survive. stay strong and take the harder, more beautiul road few dare to choose. you'll find it was worth the trouble.

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